Collaborating with RUDN University Russia, Narotama University Surabaya Holds International Seminar

SURABAYA – Narotama University Surabaya has the turn to host an international seminar on the European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students (Erasmus) program.

This is after three times this event was held at RUDN University Russia as a partner in the program.

The seminar with the theme Sustainability of Industrial Innovations and Infrastructure of the EU Countries was held virtually.

Director of the International Relations Office (IRO) of Narotama University, Ani Wulandari, said this seminar was an implementation of Jean Monnet’s grant with a partner, RUDN University Russia.

‚ÄúThis seminar is held for two days. The first day was filled by speakers from universities in Indonesia. While the speakers on the second day were from universities in various countries remotely,” said Ani to, Wednesday (7/7/2021).

A number of participating countries include Russia, Malaysia, Italy, Pakistan, France, and Indonesia.

“This international seminar is not only conducted as part of the Erasmus program in the Jean Monnet grant, but also becomes an opportunity to communicate with our partners abroad,” explained Ani.

“While together we discuss the topic of sustainability which covers all fields. Because this is what is needed for human welfare,” he added.

RUDN University is the second largest public campus in Russia, becoming a partner that brings many good impacts to Narotama University.

Because both parties were very active, the implementation of the cooperation in the form of seminars and credit transfers went smoothly even in the midst of conditions that limited space for movement.

The topic of discussion was wider because the two universities came from two different continents.

“Because RUDN and Narotama University are located in two different hemispheres, so even though the theme is about EU countries, the speakers also relate their material to countries in other parts of the world,” he explained.

“One of them is how to make sustainable development happen equally in developing countries,” Ani added.

Narotama University will again hold a seminar in the Erasmus program with RUDN University in September 2021.

“Indeed, the implementation of this program is more limited due to the current situation, but we hope that the seminars and discussions that are held regularly will lead to real implementation,” explained Ani.

“And of course increase knowledge from the knowledge and experience of the speakers at each seminar,” he concluded.

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